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LASH SHAMPOO | Foam Cleanser

LASH SHAMPOO | Foam Cleanser

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Refresh your lashes with our amazing lash shampoo!. 

Dermatologist formulated & tested | Scent free | Balances PH which is important for preventing eye irritations & it has the silkiest foam!

  • For Clients: I recommend washing your lashes at least 3x a week, with either a soft bristle makeup brush or with a mascara wand. 
  • For Lash artists: I recommend washing EVERY client before the service! Rather than having it as an extra cost include this service in your lash pricing, this will help you stand out as a lash artist! 
Ingredients: water, propylene glycol, PEG-7 caprylic acid, vitamin C, disodium EDTA, flavor
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